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About IHPostal

IHPostal A/S is a software company based in central Copenhagen. We focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications, where we bring the latest research and the latest technology into our development processes and in our projects. Machine Learning is used for a variety of applications where design and programming of explicit, rule-based algorithms is impossible. IHPostal A/S offers highly qualified IT design and product development, with a focus on pattern recognition in the visual domain and construction of algorithms for processing large amounts of data.


IHPostal want to be leaders in the field of Computer Vision systems. Our ambition is to push the limits of what is practically achievable.


To be the world leader in developing and providing Computer Vision solutions. We want to inspire our customers and employees by transforming a world of image data into a world of innovative solutions.

Our independence as a company facilitates a clear focus upon our clients and their needs.

IHPostal A/S is a part of Image House Holding A/S.