Postage Recognition

IHPostal's postage recognition system provides an automatic and reliable analysis of postage on shipments - enabled by state of the art artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Provided with an image of the mail item, the system automatically recognizes all types of postal indicia, including:

  • Stamps
  • Meter Marks

Thanks to highly optimized algorithms, our system ensures the online processing of big amounts of items.

The system is continuously refined and improved by our research department, and can be easily updated by the customer when it is necessary to add new stamps to the database. It will lead to considerable cost savings, thanks to process automation as well as enabling efficient identification of mail items with insufficient postage.

Stamp Recognition

Combining advanced computer vision with state of the art machine learning algorithms to deal with the most difficult cases, we can automatically process more than 98% of mail items, leaving just 1% to manual processing (video coding).

Multiple stamps per mail item can be correctly detected despite of their

  • orientation
  • truncation
  • or occlusion

caused either by the sender of the mail item or by the sorting process.

Meter Mark Recognition

Stamps or meter marks are found on images of mail items

The area of interest is selected

The postage is read as well as the meter mark license number